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The Processes tab displays IBM Planning Analytics processes and chores. Click a process or chore to execute it or use its menu to:

  • delete process or chore
  • rename process
  • edit process (some functionality is limited)


Execute process

Click any process to open the process parameters screen. You can enter the process parameters (if there any) and click the Run button at the bottom. You can also execute the process in the target environment (if it was selected), this option will appear in the process menu:


Rename process

Use can access the rename process option from the menu button

Delete process

Use can access the delete process option from the menu button

Process task

You can generate a tm1process task automatically using the Add to TEAMONE sheet menu option. The task will be added to TEAMONE sheet and will include all the process parameters which you can customize or make dynamic later.


Search in code

Use the Model search to easily search through all the code.

Deploy processes

Use the Compare models to see the difference between 2 environments side-by-side and deploy objects in a single click.

TI console

You can use TI console to quickly execute IBM Planning Analytics code. It features a collection of built-in code templates and you can see the logs right at your fingertips. Moreover, you can add the code to the current sheet and execute it later using TeamOne Run code