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Content manager

Content manager is used to copy TeamOne explorations between different Google Sheets documents and see the memory used by TeamOne content. You can find it in the Extension > TeamOne menu.


Copy explorations

You can select and copy multiple explorations:


Paste explorations

To import (paste) the copied explorations, open the Content manager in a different Google Sheets document and click the paste button.


Recalculate the copied explorations

Use Recalculate all to recalculate all copied explorations in the new document.

Clear clipboard

Use the Clear button to empty the clipboard.

Memory usage

TeamOne utilizes the Google Properties Service. This service has specific qoutas, with a storage limit of 500 KB per document. You will receive the Property storage quota error if exceeding this limit. The next table contains common reasons and possible solutions for reaching this limit:

Possible reasonPossible solution
TeamOne formulas with too many rows or columns, retrieving thousands of valuesUse the "S" flag to retrieve static values in TeamOne formulas
Too many TeamOne formulas and explorationsTry moving some formulas or exlplorations to a different document
TeamOne explorations with static subsets containing thousands of elementsUse the existing dimensnion subsets or MDX expressions instead of manually selecting elements



Use the "Clear Cache" button to release the memory used for storing formula values. This will require recalculating all formulas.

Go to cell

By clicking on any row in the memory usage table, you can instantly navigate to the corresponding sheet and cell.