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TeamOne configuration

You can manage the TeamOne add-on settings either through the TeamOne Configuration (where you can define personal, document and domain level connections and tasks) or directly in a sheet named TEAMONE:

Domain Settingsavailable to all corporate users across all Google Sheets documents
Document Settingsavailable to all corporate users in a given Google Sheets document
Personal Settingsavailable to a given user in all Google Sheets documents
TEAMONE sheetdefined in a specific Google Sheets document on a sheet (tab) named TEAMONE


Personal settings

In My Settings, you can define private IBM PA connections and private tasks. These personal settings are stored in your Google account and shared across all your Google Sheets documents where you use the TeamOne add-on. It is important to note that no other users can access or view these settings.

Document settings

Document Settings are saved in the current Google Sheets document properties and are accessible to all users of a given document. However, only Admin users can view and modify these settings.

Domain settings

Domain Settings are available to all corporate accounts. However, only designated domain administrators can view and modify these settings.


Additionally, you can specify the permissions and list the users who can use each IBM PA connection.



You can define IBM Planning Analytics connections and tasks directly on a sheet named TEAMONE. You can use Sheets formulas, copy-paste settings, or comment out individual settings or entire settings blocks.


Merging settings

If you have the same named Personal, Document, Domain and TEAMONE sheet settings, they will be merged in the next order:

  1. Domain Settings
  2. Document Settings
  3. Personal Settings
  4. TEAMONE sheet

For instance, as an admin user, I would like to define a new IBM PA connection named IBM Cloud PROD in the Domain or Document Settings, this is where I would define the server host, port and namespace (in case of CAM authentication). Then other users can also define IBM Cloud PROD connection in their Personal Settings, but populate the username/password fields only. Finally on TEAMONE sheet we can aslo define IBM Cloud PROD connection and specify a value for the securitySheet. When opening TeamOne Sidebar, all the settings will be merged, so IBM Cloud PROD connection will get the host, port and namespace from the Domain or Document Settings, the secret from the Private Settings, and finally the securitySheet value defined on the TEAMONE sheet.

Document Security

When you start using the TeamOne add-on in a new Google Sheets document, no security is defined by default. This means that all users can access the Document Settings and modify the Security. To set up security, go to the Security tab and add the email addresses of users who should be able to use TeamOne in a given document. Once you add your first account, other users will not be able to edit the Document Settings and Security tabs, unless they are added on the Security tab with admin permissions.



Use Google Sheets sharing options to specify who can access your document and who can edit it. You can also use Protected sheets and ranges to control who can modify the TEAMONE config sheet.

Connections and tasks

You can add and configure multiple IBM Planning Analytics Cloud or IBM Planning Analytics Local connections and TeamOne automation tasks:

tm1processrun TI processes with the specified parameters
tm1dataquery IBM PA cube data using an existing view, MDX or specified elements\subsets
tm1importimport data from Google Sheets into a TM1 cube
tm1fileoutputexport data from Google Sheets into a field delimited file on IBM PA server
tm1datacomparecompare IBM PA cube data and show the difference

Refreshing configuration

When you open the TeamOne sidebar, the configuration is automatically reloaded. Use the Refresh configuration button after making any changes to the TEAMONE sheet or through TeamOne Configuration.