TeamOne feature list

On this page we tried to list the main TeamOne features and explain them briefly. Please refer to TeamOne documentation where you can find more information including live examples.

Querying TM1 data

There are several ways how you can bring TM1 data directly to Google Sheets:

  • =TEAMONE() formula - the easiest and fastest way to query TM1 data with no technical skills, for instance you don't need to specify TM1 dimension or hierarchy names, you don't have to specify even all the dimensions, one formula can be used to bring a whole slice of data: img

  • tm1data task. Use an existing cube view, custom MDX or specify directly dimensions/elements to export TM1 data in one click: img

  • TeamOne Explorer. Similarly to a cube viewer in TM1Web or PAW, you can use TeamOne sidebar UI to build TM1 explorations and see the data directly in the sheets grid: img

Writing data back into TM1

  • tm1import task can be used to import Google Sheets data back into TM1: img

Comparing data

  • tm1datacompare task allows comparing of an existing tm1data task query results (a TM1 view, MDX or specified dimension elements\subset) in the same or different tm1 environment. img

A good use case would be to see if there is any data discrepancy "Before vs After" a release deployment or to compare data between 2 cubes from the same or different environments: img

TM1 processes

On the Processes tab of TeamOne sidebar you see TM1 processes in the selected TM1 server: img

You can also:

  • execute processes
  • rename or delete processes
  • compare code between 2 environments
  • deploy processes

Use the Target environment dropdown to select the second environment. img

The processes can also be easily added as tm1process tasks

tm1process task

tm1process task is used to run TI processes by specifying the process name, parameters and values directly in Google Sheets. By adding multiple tasks you to create one-click automations for different TM1 routines: img

TM1 no code development

You can create, update and localize TM1 cubes, views, dimensions, hierarchies, elements, attributes and subsets without single line of code. img

You can manipulate with subsets expressions using MDX mods instead of the actual MDX. For instance, compare this MDX expression:

{FILTER( {TM1FILTERBYLEVEL( {TM1DRILLDOWNMEMBER( {[Period].[Period].[FY2022],[Period].[Period].[FY2023]}, ALL )}, 0 )}, [Period].[Period].[quarter] = "Q3" )}

to the equivalent expression using MDX mods:


wildcard expressions are supported as well:


TM1 code

And you can even write and execute TI code directly in Google Sheets. You can use multiple prolog, epilog and comment blocks img

Or you can use the built-in TM1 console: img

User and group management

You can manage all your users and groups on a single sheet and TeamOne can sync it automatically with TM1: img

For existing models TeamOne can genegate such security sheet for you and populate it with the existing users and groups.

Or you can edit users manually: img

You can see who is online, disable, enable, log off and delete users: img

You can even copy security groups between users: img

Use integrated TM1 top console to see what exactly is happening and cancel user session threads: img

Object security

You can define/document object security directly in Sheets, including cube security, dimension security, element security, application security, process security.

You can define TM1 objects on the rows and security groups on the columns. You can use one object per row or comma delimited list, or wildcard expression or MDX mods or real MDX or even mix all together: img

Search TM1 model

You can open TM1 Model search screen from the main menu to search across TM1 cubes, processes and chores:


TM1 Message log

On the Logs tab of TeamOne sidebar you can see and search TM1 server message log. By default the last 100 messages will be fetched, though you can easily change this number. For error messages you can open and see the error details file if available:


Compare models

Using TM1 Model compare screen can compare 2 TM1 servers sides by side: img

and see the exact difference for model for processes, chores, rules and views:



You can select and promote multiple objects between the environments in both directions:


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