Do I need to buy any Google subscription for TeamOne?

No. Even a free gmail account would work for individual licenses. Though if you purchase a Google Workspace plan, you will be able to install TeamOne for all your users.

Does any server side software need to be installed?

No. TeamOne lives in Google Cloud and does not require anything to be installed on TM1 server or you computer.

Will any of my data be sent or stored on any 3rd party servers?

TeamOne connects directly from your browser to IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 server. No data is being sent or stored on any other servers.

Can TeamOne connect to IBM Planning Analytics Cloud

Yes, TeamOne can connect to PA cloud using a non-interactive user account (that you receive in your IBM PA Cloud welcome kit). More non-interactive user accounts can be created with different permissions so they can be used by different user groups accordingly.

What TM1 \ IBM Planning Analytics version is supported

Even though some functionality may work in the older versions, TeamOne add-on officially supports version IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.5 or newer.

Which TM1 IntegratedSecurityMode does TeamOne support?

TeamOne supports the next TM1 integrated security modes: 1, 4, 5. If you don't specify -namespace property of your environment definition, it will use mode 1 for connecting to TM1.

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